Forum objectives

The CIHEAM intended, by launching the First Mediterranean Forum initiative for PhD students and young researchers in Montpellier, to set the bases of a permanent forum for communication, dialogue and publication for different partners in the field of research and rural development in the Mediterranean countries. In this endeavor, the CIHEAM relied on strong partnership with The Union for the Mediterranean through the regional project on Higher Education on Food Security and Rural Development.

This forum allowed presenting and discussing recent research and development work undertaken by the CIHEAM's own young researchers and doctoral students as well as those from National Higher Education and Research Institutions of the Mediterranean region.

Debating the initiatives to be taken to meet the challenges relating to the design of sustainable agricultural food production systems in the Mediterranean Basin from different perspectives: sustainable agricultural production, preservation of natural resources, logistics, supply chain, food consumption, etc.

The forum was consist of different activities/events:

  • Oral presentations on the basis of selected abstracts,

  • Keynote addresses from invited guest speakers,

  • Plenary sessions to debate the topics covered in the seminar.

Contact: Hatem Belhouchette (Scientific Administrator, CIHEAM-MAIM):


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